Fix Me, Chris Martin

If you happen upon Chris Martin of Coldplay in The Hamptons at a book event, may I make a suggestion?

Get the name of his song right.

For the record, it’s Fix You.

And not, as some have tried to butcher, Fix Me.

Alright, it was me, but in my defense, I was flustered. He’s Chris Martin, for God’s sake!

When I saw him perform on The Today Show yesterday, I suddenly relived the whole encounter. Not that he would remember any of it, but for me, every syllable of our conversation is still etched in my psyche.

A little background:

I was in The Hamptons two summers ago for a book event to benefit the East Hampton Library.

I say this like I flit about the place all the time. You know. Party to party. Social engagement to social engagement.

I’ve been there once.

For 48 hours.

But jackpot for me!

Chris Martin was there.

So was Gwyneth.

And two good things about that. She was busy signing books. And there was a long line.

So it was just me and Chris. Oh, and all the other people at the reception, but who’s counting?

ME: I’m a huge fan! (wanted to start off with something original).

HIM: Thanks

ME: No, seriously. My husband and I both are. He’s been very sick and every time he comes out of the hospital we listen to your music over and over again. We listen to Fix Me all the time.

HIM: You mean Fix You?

ME: Oh yeah, that one.

There were other elements to our conversation, like the repetitive use of ‘uhhh’ on my part, but once I finally managed to string some vowel/consonant combinations together that passed for actual words, we talked about health, doctors and the fact that he had to leave.

It was short, sweet and very memorable. (at least for me)

And when I think back, I really wasn’t exaggerating. Richard and I listened to Fix You on loop after each of his surgeries. And ultimately, when he lost his battle, I used it at his funeral.

“And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can’t replace”

So, maybe in the end, Chris Martin, it wasn’t such a slip of the tongue after all. Maybe you really did fix me. Or at least help me through what is still a really tough time.

After all, isn’t that what music does? Transport you. Guide you. Help you through.

Or at least your music does.

And I thank you for that.


How about you? What’s your song? Your place to go when times are tough?



  • Angi
    March 24, 2016

    I’m sure you left a lasting impression on him! And now that he’s single and know where he hangs out….

  • Stephanie Dolgoff
    March 25, 2016

    I have to say, he doesn’t sound like a mensch. Correcting you on his song title? Get over yourself and take a compliment, but don’t shame the person trying to pay you one! Eeew. As if he didn’t know which song you were talking about.

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